Platform LSF – View Information about Cluster

I thought I list out some useful commands that can be used for for viewing a cluster using an LSF Cluster. Please read the manual for more in-depth information. Taken from Platform LSF 8.3 Quick References.

View Information about Cluster
bhosts Display hosts and static and dynamic resources
bmgroup Displays Information about host groups and compute units
blimits Displays Information about resource allocation limits of running jobs
bparams Displays Information about tunable batch system parameter
bqueues Displays Information about batch queue
busers Displays Information about users and user groups
lshosts Displays hosts and their static resource Information
lsid Displays the current LSF version number, cluster name and master host name
lsinfo Displays load sharing configuration information
lsload Displays dynamic load indices for hosts


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  3. Platform LSF – View Information about Cluster
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