Using to authorise login for users for Torque

For a cluster shared by many users, it is important to prevent errant users from directly ssh into the compute nodes, thus bypassing the scheduler. To implement the pam module, compile the Torque Server based on Installing Torque 2.5 on CentOS 6

Step 1: You should be able to find the packages at


Step 2: Copy the to the compute nodes. Step 2b: DO not put the in on the Head Node

# scp $TORQUE_HOME/tpackages/pam/lib64/security/ node1:/lib64/security/

Step 3: Verify that the is also present in the /lib64/security/ directory

# ls /lib64/security/

Step 4: Add the and in the PAM configuration files

# vim /etc/pam.d/sshd
auth       required
auth       include      password-auth
account    required

account    required
account    required

account    include      password-auth
password   include      password-auth

When a user ssh’s to a node, this module will check the .JB files in $PBS_SERVER_HOME/mom_priv/jobs/ for a matching uid and that the job is running.

You can try the configuration


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