Configuring the Torque Default Queue

Here are the sample Torque Queue configuration

qmgr -c "create queue dqueue"
qmgr -c "set queue dqueue queue_type = Execution"
qmgr -c "set queue dqueue resources_default.neednodes = dqueue"
qmgr -c "set queue dqueue enabled = True"
qmgr -c "set queue dqueue started = True"

qmgr -c "set server scheduling = True"
qmgr -c "set server acl_hosts ="
qmgr -c "set server default_queue = dqueue"
qmgr -c "set server log_events = 127"
qmgr -c "set server mail_from = Cluster_Admin"
qmgr -c "set server query_other_jobs = True"
qmgr -c "set server resources_default.walltime = 240:00:00"
qmgr -c "set server resources_max.walltime = 720:00:00"
qmgr -c "set server scheduler_iteration = 60"
qmgr -c "set server node_check_rate = 150"
qmgr -c "set server tcp_timeout = 6"
qmgr -c "set server node_pack = False"
qmgr -c "set server mom_job_sync = True"
qmgr -c "set server keep_completed = 300"
qmgr -c "set server submit_hosts ="
qmgr -c "set server submit_hosts +="
qmgr -c "set server allow_node_submit = True"
qmgr -c "set server auto_node_np = True"
qmgr -c "set server next_job_number = 21293"

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