TCP/IP Optimisation

There are several techniques to optimise TCP/IP. I will mentioned 3 types of TCP/IP Optimisation

  1. TCP Offload engines
  2. User Space TCP/IP implementations
  3. Bypass TCP via RDMA

Type 1: TCP Offload

TCP OffLoad Engine (TOE) is a technology that offloads TCP/IP stack processing to the NIC. Used primarily with high-speed interfaces such as 10GbE, the TOE technology frees up memory bandwidth and valuable CPU cycles on the server, delivering the high throughput and low latency needed for HPC applications, while leveraging Ethernet’s ubiquity, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. (Taken from Delivering HPC Applications with Juniper Networks and Chelsio Communications, Juniper Networks, 2010)

For Ethernet such as 10G where the TCP/IP processing overhead is high due to the larger bandwidth compared to 1GB

A good and yet digestible write-up can be found in TCP/IP offload Engine (TOE). In the article, TCP/IP processing can be spilt into different phrases.

  1. Connection establishment
  2. Data transmission/reception
  3. Disconnection
  4. Error handling

Full TCP/IP off-loading

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