Compiling GotoBLAS2 in Nehalem and newer CPU

GotoBLAS2 uses new algorithms and memory techniques for optimal performance of the BLAS routines. The download site can be found at GotoBLAS2 download

# wget
# tar -zxvf GotoBLAS2-1.13_bsd.tar.gz
# cd GotoBLAS2
# gmake clean

you will get

GotoBLAS build complete.

  OS               ... Linux
  Architecture     ... x86_64
  BINARY           ... 64bit
  C compiler       ... GCC  (command line : gcc)
  Fortran compiler ... INTEL  (command line : ifort)
  Library Name     ... libgoto2_nehalemp-r1.13.a (Multi threaded; Max num-threads is 8)

you will see the resulting libraries and softlinks

libgoto2.a -> libgoto2_nehalemp-r1.13.a
libgoto2_nehalemp-r1.13.a ->

You can create a /usr/local/GotoBLAS2 and copy the files there and do the PATHING.

If you are having issues, do take a look at Error in Compiling GotoBLAS2 in Westmere Chipsets


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