Installing Linux Kernal-Based Virtual Machine (KVM) on CentOS 5.4 Server (Part II)

This is a continuation from Installing Linux Kernal-Based Virtual Machine (KVM) on CentOS 5.4 Server (Part I)

Step 8: Prepare the Virtual Machine

Prepare a Installation Script for easier management.

a. For CentOS Virtual Machine

# vim
virt-install \
--connect qemu:///system \
--name centos5.4_n01 \
--vcpus=2 \
--ram 1024 \
--disk path=/nfs_shared/vms/centos5.4_n01.img,size=40, \
--cdrom=/nfs_shared/ISO/CentOS-5.4-x86_64-bin-DVD.iso \
--network=bridge:br0 \
--accelerate \
--vnc \
--noautoconsole \
--os-type=linux \
--os-variant=rhel5.4 \

b. For Windows XP Machine

# vim
virt-install \
--connect qemu:///system \
--name winxp_n01 \
--vcpus=1 \
--ram 1024 \
--disk path=/nfs_shared/vms/winxp_n01.img,size=25, \
--cdrom=/nfs_shared/ISO/Windows_XP2.iso \
--network=bridge:br0 \
--accelerate \
--vnc \
--noautoconsole \
--os-type=windows \
--os-variant=winxp \

Some notes:

  • Do note that the disk path should be on a shared drive if you are planning to use “migration” from physical nodes to another physical node.
  • noautoconsole -> No connection to it is started by default although you can make a connection to it via virt-manager.
  • accelerate -> The VM will runin using kernel acceleration if available.
  • os-type and os-variant -> Please check the man virt-install for more information on the exact paramters.

Step 9: Run the script

You should see something like this

Starting install...
Creating storage file...                                 |  40 GB     00:00
Creating domain...                                       |    0 B     00:01
Domain installation still in progress. You can reconnect to
the console to complete the installation process.

Step 10: Continue the installation through Virt-Manager Console.

Remember to start the libvert daemon first

# service libvertd start

If you are on the graphical console, just type

# virt-manager

you should be able to see the node name. double-clicked the node icon, you should be able to continue the rest of the installation

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