Using xCAT contributed scripts

This is a continuation of blog entry User Contributed Script ported from xcat 1.x to xcat 2.x

Step 1: Placing addclusteruser in /opt/xcat/sbin

# cd /opt/xcat/sbin
# wget

Step 2: Placing gensshkeys in /opt/xcat/sbin

# cd /opt/xcat/sbin
# wget

Step 3: Placing shfunctions1 in /opt/xcat/lib

#  cd /opt/xcat/lib
# wget

To add users using addclusteruser

# addclusteruser

I’m assuming you have exported the home directory to other nodes

# pscp /etc/passwd compute:/etc/
# pscp /etc/shadow compute:/etc/
# pscp /etc/group compute:/etc/

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