MAUI Installation on Torque and xCAT

Maui Cluster Scheduler (a.k.a. Maui Scheduler) is the first generation cluster scheduler, precursor to the highly successful MOAB scheduler. Maui is an advanced policy engine used to improve the manageability and efficiency of machines ranging from clusters of a few processors to multi-teraflop supercomputers.

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Step 1: Download MAUI tarball from Cluster Resources

Create an account and download at
Untar in /tmp

Step 2: Configure soft links for Torque

# cd /opt/torque
# ln -s x86_64/bin .
# ln -s x86_64/lib .
# ln -s x86_64/sbin .

# export PATH=$PATH:/opt/torque/x86_64/bin/

Step 3: Configure and Install MAUI

# cd maui-3.2.6p21
# ./configure --prefix=/opt/maui --with-pbs=/opt/torque/ --with-spooldir=/opt/maui
# make -j8
# make install
# cp /opt/xcat/share/xcat/netboot/add-on/torque/moab /etc/init.d/maui
(Edit /etc/init.d/maui so that all MOAB is MAUI and all moab becomes maui)
# service start maui
# chkconfig --level 345 maui on

Step 4: Configure MAUI and maui.cfg

# touch /etc/profile.d/
# vim maui (Type: export PATH=$PATH:/opt/maui/bin)
# source /etc/profile.d/maui
# vim /usr/local/maui/maui.cfg
(Change: RMCFG[] TYPE=PBS@...@ to:
# service maui restart

(If there is MAUI error regarding the Torque Server host name, ensure the host name sequence changes in /etc/hosts). Assuming is the name of the Torque Server name used in its configuration file, it should come first before other aliases)    pbsserver

Step 5: Test the Configuration

# showq

(You should see all of the processors. Next try running a job to make sure that maui picks it up.)


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