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Quiskit – the “Quantum Information Science Kit” SDK is an open source platform that allows developers and coders familiar with Python and Jupyter Notebooks to program our quantum computers

  • QISKit AQUA builds and runs algorithms, and contains algorithms and domain-specific tools, making it possible to run classical computing applications on quantum computers, as well as for others to build their own applications. Aqua is one of four Qiskit elements:
  • Qiskit Terra: the ‘earth’ element, is the foundation on which the rest of the software lies. Terra provides a bedrock for composing quantum programs at the level of circuits and pulses.Qiskit Ignis: the ‘fire’ element, is dedicated to fighting noise and errors and to forging a new path. This includes better characterization of errors, improving gates, and computing in the presence of noise.
  • Qiskit Aer: the ‘air’ element, permeates all Qiskit elements. To really speed up development of quantum computers we need better simulators, emulators and debuggers.

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Quantum Computing in the NISQ era and beyond