Quantum Race between US, China and EU

This article is taken from Where does EU stand in the quantum computing race with China and US?

Researchers at the University of Innsbruck have built the smallest quantum computer yet, prompting questions if European outfits can take on the leading pack.

A notable feature of the compact quantum computer is its low power consumption, which stands at 1.5 kilowatts – the same amount of energy needed to power a kettle. “Indeed, such is its low power consumption, that the researchers in the University of Innsbruck are exploring how to power the device using solar panels.”

Another decisive factor for the industrial use of quantum computers is the number of available qubits. The Innsbruck physicists were able to run the quantum computer with 24 fully functional qubits – individually controlling and entangling 24 trapped ions with their device – meeting a recent target set by the German government with surprising speed.

Where does EU stand in the quantum computing race with China and US?

Software Rendering Mode for Fluent Launcher

When running Fluent from inside ANSYS Workbench on Linux. Hardware graphics rendering can fail and the Fluent application failed to start. This error can sometimes be prevented by switching to the software rendering mode. There are 2 approaches

Before Running Workbench, you may want to put this in your BASH Shell

% export HOOPS_PICTURE=x11/lin

In C Shell

% setenv HOOPS_PICTURE x11/lin

If you are using Fluent Launcher


Open a Fluent set of cells
Right Click the Fluent setup cell and choose, edit
In the resulting Fluent launcher, choose +, Show More Options
Select the Environment tab
Add the following entry