Webinar – A Dynamic Self-Aware Approach to Cybersecurity by Erol Gelenbe

Title: A Dynamic Self-Aware Approach to Cybersecurity by Erol Gelenbe

This presentation will argue that cyberattacks impair not just security but also Quality of Service,
and that they increase Energy Consumption in Systems and Networks. Thus not only do they cause damage to the users of a system, but they also impair its reputation and trust, and increase its operating costs. We will also take the view that these are dynamic phenomena which take place unexpectedly. Therefore future systems will have to constantly observe their own state to be able to very rapidly react to dynamic attacks. We will suggest a Self-Aware approach to dynamically respond to cyberattacks based on the Cognitive Packet Network dynamic routing algorithm that uses Recurrent Random Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning. Illustrations will be provided from two FP7 and H2020 that I have proposed and which were funded by the European Union


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