Compiling FDS-SMV with Intel MPI-5.0.3 on CentOS 6

Download the FDS Development Zip from fds-smv GitHub

Step 1: Unzip the

$ unzip

Step 2: Update .bashrc

export IFORT_COMPILER=/usr/local/intel_2015/composerxe/bin
#FDS environment -----------------------
export MPIDIST_ETH=/usr/local/intel_2015/impi/
export MPIDIST_IB=/usr/local/intel_2015/impi/
source ~/.bashrc_fds
#FDS -----------------------------------

Step 3: Initialise Intel Compilers

# touch /etc/profile.d/
# vim
source /usr/local/intel_2015/composerxe/bin/ intel64

Step 4: Compilation

# cd /home/user1/Downloads/fds-smv-development/FDS_Compilation/mpi_intel_linux_64ib
# ./

Step 5: Test

# ./fds_mpi_intel_linux_64ib

Fire Dynamics Simulator

 Current Date     : July 21, 2016  13:13:56
 Version          : FDS 6.5.1
 Revision         :
 Revision Date    :
 Compilation Date : Jul 21, 2016  12:16:33

 MPI Enabled; Number of MPI Processes:          1
 OpenMP Enabled; Number of OpenMP Threads:   4

 MPI version: 3.0
 MPI library version: Intel(R) MPI Library 5.0 Update 3 for Linux* OS

 Consult FDS Users Guide Chapter, Running FDS, for further instructions.

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