Mellanox Reference Architecture for RHEL OpenStack Platform 4.0


  1. Mellanox Reference Architecture for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 4.0 (pdf)

Xeon Phi Updates (22 Mar 2014)

The test was done with 2 socket of Xeon E5-2670 with Xeon Phi Coprocessor. For more information, see Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor

Segment Application/Code Performance1 vs. 2S Xeon*
DCC NEC / Video Transcoding Up to 3.0x2
Energy Seismic Imaging ISO3DFD Proxy 16th order Isotropic kernel  RTMSeismic Imaging 3DFD TTI  3- Proxy  8th order  RTM  (complex structures)
Petrobras  Seismic ISO-3D RTM 2s XEON and 2 cards
Up to 1.45X1Up to 1.24 (24 threads)1

Up to 1.97 (16 threads)1

Up to 3.4x3

Financial Services BlackScholes SPMonte Carlo  EMEA Option SP

Monte Carlo  RNG SP

Up to 2.21x1Up to 7.05x1

Up to 1.58x1

Life Science BWA/Bio-InformaticsWayne State University/MPI-Hmmer

GROMACS /Molecular Dynamics

TUM (Technische Universität München) / SG++ Astronomy

Up to 1.86x2Up to 5.4x2

Up to 1.36x1

Up to 1.7x1

Manufacturing ANSYS  / Mechanical SMPSandia Mantevo / miniFE (Finite Element Solver) Up to 1.76x2Up to 2.3x2
Physics ZIB (Zuse-Institut Berlin) / Ising 3D (Solid State Physics)AWE (Atomic Weapons Estab’t/Cloverleaf (2D Structured Hydrodynamics)

Princeton / GTC-P ( Gyrokinetic Torodial) Turbulence Simulation

Up to 3.46x4Up to 1.77x1

Up to 1.18x (four 2S Xeon)

Weather WRF /Code WRF V3.5 1.56x2

Summary of Job Management Commands for MAUI

This is a good summary taken from Adaptive Computing 4.3 Job Managament Commands to manage jobs for MAUI.

Command Flags Description
canceljob cancel existing job
checkjob display job state, resource requirements, environment, constraints,
credentials, history, allocated resources, and resource utilization
diagnose -j display summarized job information and any unexpected state
releasehold [-a] remove job holds or defers
runjob start job immediately if possible
sethold set hold on job
setqos set/modify QoS of existing job
setspri adjust job/system priority of job