Installing the Seurat Package on R-3.6.2

Step 1: Compiling R on CentOS 7

a. Download R Package from

b. Untar and Compile the R-Package

$ tar -zxvf R-3.6.2.tar.gz
$ cd R-3.6.2
$ ./configure --prefix=/home/myuser/R-3.6.2
$ make
$ make install

Step 2: Compile multtest package
Seurat is dependent on mulltest. But if you try installing muttest using R, you will have this error.

$ cd /home/myuser/R-3.6.2
$ ./R
Warning message:
package ‘multtest’ is not available (for R version 3.6.2)

To solve the issue, you have to install BiocManager first and use BiocManager to install mulltest


Step 3: Finally, you can install Seurat



    1. Resampling-based multiple hypothesis testing


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