RHEL 7 Clone


  1. Disable FirewallD Services on CentOS 7
  2. Using firewall-cmd in CentOS 7
  3. Using firewall-cmd rich rules to whitelist IP Address Range


  1. Formatting NVME Partition on CentOS 7


  1. showmount fails with clnt_create: RPC: Program not registered from a NFS client communicating with a NetApp filer
  2. How to increase the number of threads created by the NFS daemon for CENTOS 7
  3. How to configure NFS on CentOS 7
  4. How to check NFS Client connection from NFS Server

System Administration

  1. Set hostname for CentOS 7 using hostnamectl
  2. Introduction to Systemd on CentOS 7
  3. Commands for sending signals by explicit request
  4. Determine how many CPUs in the systems
  5. Setting up NTP in CentOS 7
  6. Resolving “lsb_release not found” on CentOS 7
  7. rpcbind.socket systemd unit fails to start when IPv6 is disabled
  8. Using TCPDump on CENTOS 7
  9. Remove virbr0 Interfaces from CentOS 7
  10. Redirecting to another site in User Directory in APACHE
  11. Yum cheat-sheet from Redhat
  12. Fixing Dependencies Resolution on CentOS 7
  13. Setup of Linux OneDrive on CentOS 7
  14. How is the nproc hard limit calculated and how do we change the value on CentOS 7
  15. You have to delete all the items in this folder before you can delete the folder” on oneDrive


  1. Updating fonts size GUI xfce4-settings-manager